Are you disrespecting yourself?

Learn  to love yourself or at least respect yourself. Here are some signs to know if you are disrespecting yourself:

1. Putting yourself last

It’s fine to enjoy helping others but we also need to help ourselves. It’s not being selfish because everyone needs a break and sometimes it’s fine to be first. Like on the quote I’ve read “being selfish is different from self respect”

2. Always saying “yes” to things that not important to you

Sometimes we’re just being too nice to the point that even if it could harm us, we would still say “yes,” which is wrong. We also need to decline in things that is not important to us. Like when you’re friend needs you to come with him/her to help in a project but then you have to study for the examination, you must say “no.” It is for your own good. So stop saying yes everytime. Learn to manage your time and energy, even people gets low battery.

3. Feeling guilty even if you did the right thing

I usually do this and it’s disappointing because I did the right thing but I still feel bad. I learned that I should not torture myself in overthinking. It’s not like you would go to hell if you did the right thing. Be proud because you did the right thing.

4. When you are being judgemental

It’s not just disrespectful to others but also to yourself. Being judgemental is a super bad behaviour. Like on the quote says “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to thinker what he thinks into it” by Ernest Holmes. Insulting others is a sign that you’re not comfortable with your own look. Try to look into yourself before looking at others.

5. If you constantly seeking validation from others

We seek validation because we feel afraid to get wrong or we feel something’s missing. You already know the answer so just believe in yourself. We people have our own perception so if you seek validation from others you might have the opposite answer or choice. So again, believe in yourself.

6. Masking your emotions

We should stop doing this. Most of us do masks our emotions and hide our true feelings. Even though we are sad, we still smile and laugh. We are just lying to ourselves and that may cause us more harm. Stop faking and brust all your sadness and move on.

7. When you always do things you don’t like

It’s a sign of disrespecting yourself when you do things you dislike or worse when you do things you hate, for you just to fit in or just to be accepted by certain individuals.

8. Not following your heart
It’s also a sign of disrespecting yourself when you’re not following your heart. For instance in going to college, don’t follow your friends course, follow your passion. Do things because you love it not because that’s in demand, that’s what you’re friends want, that’s what your parents said. Follow your own path because it’s for your own future.

Stop disrespecting yourself!

–Kristel Crisostomo P402


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